Base One Mystic Aurora

UV Gels that are changing color depending on the angle of incidence of the light. As a result, your nails sparkle with different colors and luminous particles contained in the gel slightly further emphasize the texture. The intensity and the effect of the gel from the line Aurora Mystic, depends on the previously used colored gel. For best results use with dark colors. Mystic Aurora applied over black gel will give a phenomenal effect of beetle shell.

Aurora Mystic is a medium density gel. Cures in a UV lamp 36W 2/3 minutes. Should be wiped with Cleaner. You can apply on a variety of colors, but the best effect is visible using dark colors.
Gels Base One were created by the modern recipe that produces an extremely durable polymer chains of gel mass. The appropriate alignment of the particles makes the mass strong and flexible at the same time has a very good adhesion to both false and natural nails.