NEW Base One Termo Focus


Thermo Focus New is a palette of eighteen thermal color gels. Completely new gel formula makes the color respond quickly to temperature changes. Interesting tones, highly saturated colors. New Thermo Focus is a brand new adventure on your nails.

A high comfort of work is guaranteed by the medium density of the gel and its self-leveling features on the nail plate. Without any problems, you can combine them with other gels. By eliminating the acrylic acid a product is obtained with a much more favorable effect on the nail plate than the standard UV gels. Product is acid-free. Curing time: 36 Watt / 2 minutes.

Gels Base One were created by the modern recipe that produces an extremely durable polymer chains of the gel mass. The appropriate alignment of the particles makes the mass strong and flexible, yet has a very good adhesion to both the tips and to the natural nail.