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It acts to combat any excess grease and regulates the sebaceous glands. With a conditioning action on the scalp. Thanks to precious nourishing substances that promote the growth of the hair and prevents the risk of thinning thereby helping regular growth. Box of 7 phials.

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For effective cleansing of the hair and scalp, it totally eliminates dandruff. The results being noticeable right from the first application as it leaves the hair soft and silky.


SOFTNESS TWO softness two Revitalizing conditioner for both cuticle and hair with instantaneous effect. It deeply moisturizes eliminating all the alterations caused by technical treatments.


orchid-oil – vials Keratin enriching treatment This effective formula acts to reinforce the keratin layer and leaves your hair soft and shiny. Use the Orchid oil phial after washing your hair with the specific shampoo for dry and damaged hair to achieve the best results. Box of 10 phials. TECHNO linea orchid oil orchid-oil – […]


MAK-UP FOR HAIR mak-up for hair Enriched with special exotic ingredients such as Orchid Oil, Marula Oil and Keratin, this wonderful product includes in a unique formula both shampoo and conditioner, providing hair intensive hydratation and softness: for a seductive hair-look enchanting by a luxurious natureinspired fragrance. The advanced technology of the special device “Make […]


  KIT KERATIN kit keratin Keratin cream, Keratin Krystal, Shampoo Keratin TECHNO linea orchidoil kit keratin volume 800 ml


havané gold A new cleansing formula containing the best natural ingredients to permit daily use at all ages. It leaves your hair clean without drying it out. The result: shining, sleek and healthy hair.



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Specifically formulated to de l icate l y wash damaged hair Whilst providing a penetrating conditioning action. The barley milk content ensures soft and well nourished hair.

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An anti ageing and toning conditioning cream for devitalized, thinner hair and with increasing less body withstanding the effects of time. Thanks to the apricot milk, your hair gets back all its softness and moisturizing effectiveness. Apply to damp hair. Allow to rest for 3 minutes and then wash out.