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Linseeds liquid crystals

Linseeds liquid crystals Shining and laminating beauty treatment. Seals the cuticle and smoothes hair surface, performs hair structure, making it soft and shining. Ideal for chemical treated hair, gives a natural and not greasy brightness. It creates a silk effect on thin hair, and on the straight or waved ones, a gloss and compact effect […]

Smoothing milk

Smoothing milk Anti-frizzy milk, ideal for wave curly frizzy and perm hair. Protects from humidity and makes the rebel hair smooth for a long time. Makes home hairdressing easier. 200ml bottle Use: Manipulate a small quantity of product and spread uniformly on wet hair. For a perfect straightening, brush during hair drying.

Jojoba oil and silk proteins mask

Jojoba oil and silk proteins mask Revitalizing and Smoothing Perfect Curl Jojoba Oil and Silk Protein Mask Intensive treatment, with revitalizing and smoothing effect. Particularly suitable to frizzy hair, it helps define and separate the curls, giving hydration, body and brightness. 1000ml jar Use: Apply it after shampoo and spread it uniformly on hair helping […]

Royal jelly and wheat proteins mask

Royal jelly and wheat proteins mask Restructuring Mask with Royal Jelly and Wheat Proteins for Devitalized, Dry and Stressed Hair Beauty Mask for dry and stressed hair. Very easy to apply, it gives body, brightness and vitality to your hair. Restructures and makes the hair more elastic and stronger. 1000ml jar Use: Apply it after […]

Sesame oil mask

Sesame oil mask Fast-acting hydrating Sesame Oil Mask for dyed hair Intensive Treatment for dyed hair. It gives back to the hair the original shine and protects the color while regenerating the initial vitality. The extract of sesame ensures deep nourishment making hair instantly easier to detangle. 1000ml jar Use: Apply it after shampoo and […]

Yogurt mask

Yogurt mask Yogurt-based reconstructive mask for stressed hair with split ends Thanks to its well-balanced content and natural substances Draw Yogurt-based Mask nourishes and deeply restructures the hair, from roots to ends, giving back to it shine and softness, and making it more resistant, but easier to comb. 1000ml jar Use: Apply it after shampoo […]

Gel mousse

Gel mousse Personal Gel Mousse is the ideal product for a modern and fashionable styling. Personal Gel Mousse gives a perfect texture to the hair, because it has the regular properties of a mousse, together with the qualities typical of the gel. This mix produces an excellent result: a very smooth and defined hairstyle. Moreover […]

Restructuring Shampoo

Restructuring Shampoo PERSONAL TOUCH HAIR THERAPY RESTRUCTURING SHAMPOO has been formulated to gently wash damaged hair, deeply hydrating the scalp and the structure of your hair. It is a real cure for dry, fragile and suffering hair. Regularly used, it gives suppleness to your hair and protect it, thanks to its film forming action. Dry […]

Antidandruff Shampoo

Antidandruff Shampoo PERSONAL TOUCH HAIR THERAPY ANTIDANDRUFF SHAMPOO is a natural cleanser for hair and scalp. Regularly used, it normalizes the microbic flora level, considerably reducing dandruff production. From first applications, it soothes the inflammatory state and the typical itch, removing impurities. It fights against sebum overproduction, regularizing sebaceous glands secretion. It gives vitality and […]

Antiloss Shampoo

Antiloss Shampoo PERSONAL TOUCH HAIR THERAPY ANTILOSS SHAMPOO has been studied to cosmetically maintain or re-establish the hygienic and physiological conditions that, if reduced, determine some anomalies, such as weakness and loss of your hair. Its innovative formula is enriched with hops, nettle, apricot, and lychee vegetable extracts that stimulate and regularize hair bulb activity. […]