Category: Shampoo

Bamboo marrow shampoo

Bamboo marrow shampoo Dry hair The soft Baxter shampoo is suited for dry hair. Thanks to the bamboo marrow extracts, this shampoo gives hair smoothness avoiding the formation of irritating tangles. 300/1000 ml Bottle

Linseeds shampoo

Linseeds – frequent shampoos The linseeds proteins present in the Baxter shampoo have an efficacious moisturizing effect on the skin allowing the hair to get toner and extremely shining. Thanks to its softness it’s indicated for frequent shampoos. 300/1000 ml Bottle

Apricot shampoo

Apricot – thin and delicate hair The Baxter shampoo is indicated for thin and frail hair, thanks to its gentle shampooing quality, it strenghtens the hair and makes it shine for a long time. 1000ml bottle

Milk proteins shampoo

Milk proteins shampoo Milk proteins – dyed hair Thanks to the milk proteins, this shampoo gives the hair a great softness, nourishing it and giving it shine and long lasting brightness. Indicated for dyed hair. 300/1000 ml Bottle

Green apple shampoo

Green apple – oily hair Ideal shampoo for oily hair. Thank to its special formulation gives hair shine and volume in respect of the scalp natural pH. 1000ml bottle