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Multi-action mask

Multi-action mask Ideal for treated hair, especially for hair debilitated by chemical treatments as bleaching, dying and perm. Thanks to the presence of vitamins and mineral salts, extracted from the wheat and the bamboo marrow, this mask feeds and moisturizes hair making it softer and easier to comb. 1000gr jar Use: After having used an […]

Restructuring Mask p

Ideal for dry and frizzy hair. It’s specific formulation with coconut oil and milk and wheat proteins gives hair softness and make it easy to comb , eliminating the dullness and re-equilibrating the electrostatic charges. 1000gr jar Use: After having used a a moisturizing shampoo, apply the product combing from the root to the ends. […]

Aftercolor mask

Aftercolor mask Aftercolor mask for dyed and treated hair. Ideal for the day of the colouring and the treatments between a colouring and another. Its specific formulation with vitamin E and carrot extract has an anti-oxidant and rebalancing action that preserves the colour intensity and brilliance. It detangles and deeply feeds your hair, making it […]