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Gel mousse

Gel mousse Personal Gel Mousse is the ideal product for a modern and fashionable styling. Personal Gel Mousse gives a perfect texture to the hair, because it has the regular properties of a mousse, together with the qualities typical of the gel. This mix produces an excellent result: a very smooth and defined hairstyle. Moreover […]

Restructuring Shampoo

Restructuring Shampoo PERSONAL TOUCH HAIR THERAPY RESTRUCTURING SHAMPOO has been formulated to gently wash damaged hair, deeply hydrating the scalp and the structure of your hair. It is a real cure for dry, fragile and suffering hair. Regularly used, it gives suppleness to your hair and protect it, thanks to its film forming action. Dry […]

Antidandruff Shampoo

Antidandruff Shampoo PERSONAL TOUCH HAIR THERAPY ANTIDANDRUFF SHAMPOO is a natural cleanser for hair and scalp. Regularly used, it normalizes the microbic flora level, considerably reducing dandruff production. From first applications, it soothes the inflammatory state and the typical itch, removing impurities. It fights against sebum overproduction, regularizing sebaceous glands secretion. It gives vitality and […]

Antiloss Shampoo

Antiloss Shampoo PERSONAL TOUCH HAIR THERAPY ANTILOSS SHAMPOO has been studied to cosmetically maintain or re-establish the hygienic and physiological conditions that, if reduced, determine some anomalies, such as weakness and loss of your hair. Its innovative formula is enriched with hops, nettle, apricot, and lychee vegetable extracts that stimulate and regularize hair bulb activity. […]

Anti-Yellow Shampoo 250ml

Anti-Yellow Shampoo 250ml Personal Hair Therapy Anti-Yellow Shampoo contains a precious anti-yellow agent that tones yellow out of white and grey hair and make the capillary fibre soft. It is particularly indicated for hair with more than 50% white hair, or in case of bleached and highlighted hair, to give shade and shine back.

Multi-action shampoo

Multi-action shampoo Ideal for fragile and stressed hair. Nuance multi-action shampoo cleans and feeds the fragile and stressed hair, thanks to the moisturizing action of the almond proteins that give the hair shape and brightness. The cleaning action makes hair softer and easier to comb. 100ml bottle Use: Use a sufficient quantity, according to length […]

For dry hair with shining effect.

For dry hair with shining effect. The combined action of emollient and nourishing agents gives dry hair strenght and hydration, making it more elastic, brighter and softer. Thanks to the vegetal proteins, this shampoo cleans hair without being aggressive, and leaves it glossy and easy to comb. 1000ml bottle Use: Use a sufficient quantity, according […]

After color shampoo

Its extremely gentle formula, based on anti-oxidant components, contributes to preserve the colour beauty, giving back to hair hydration, vitality and nourishing. Use it after the dying, in order to eliminate the oxidant in excess, thus stopping the oxidant action. Hair will become softer and shining with an intense colour that will last long. 1000ml […]