Category: Gel

NEW Base One Termo Focus

Thermo Focus New is a palette of eighteen thermal color gels. Completely new gel formula makes the color respond quickly to temperature changes. Interesting tones, highly saturated colors. New Thermo Focus is a brand new adventure on your nails. A high comfort of work is guaranteed by the medium density of the gel and its […]

Base One Aroma

Fragrant step to beautiful styling Gels fragrance line Base One is an innovative blend of the highest quality clear gel with a hint of unique fragrances. Base One Aroma bring you into a world of fragrant styling. These unusual perfumes nicely aligned with aesthetic visuals. They are characterized by very good adhesion to both TIPS […]

Base One Las Vegas

Experience the thrill with a new line of gels Base One Las Vegas and shine like the biggest stars in Hollywood. Even if you do not have a gamblers gut, but you still like a challenge, exciting adventures, and at the same time you want to look stunning and eye-catching with unconventional ornaments, the new […]

Base One Mystic Aurora

UV Gels that are changing color depending on the angle of incidence of the light. As a result, your nails sparkle with different colors and luminous particles contained in the gel slightly further emphasize the texture. The intensity and the effect of the gel from the line Aurora Mystic, depends on the previously used colored […]

Base One Matt

Get sensational chalky effect Makeup matte and satin colors of clothing? It’s not enough. The spring / summer 2014 the most fashionable is matt on nails! In response to the trends of nail styling an innovative line of color gels. Base One Matt were created based on the new formula. After curing, they become harder […]

Base One Neon

Medium-thick, self-leveling gel made on the basis of color line of Base One gels. Has fluorescent pigment: neon and cryptolite, which makes it shine in the UV light. Gels Base One were created according to a modern recipe that produces extremly durable polymeric sequences of gel mass. Relevant setting of units makes the mass durable […]

Base One Galaxy

REACH THE SKY WITH SILCARE® Galaxy nails are now one of the most popular trends in nails styles. Galaxy type of decorating can be done by ombre method – using several colors combination. We face the expectations of the most demanding stylists and we offer 4 fantastic gels for Galaxy decorating. Each of them applied […]

Base One Pastel

Base One gels were created in accordance to the modern recipe, which allows to achieve extremely durable polymer chains of gel mass. Proper placement of the particles makes, the gel mass durable and flexible and at the same time is characterized by very good adhesion for both tips and natural plate. New palette of pastel […]

Base One Glitter – NEW COLORS

Gels Base One were created by the modern recipe that produces an extremely durable polymer chains gel mass. Suitable arrangement of the particles makes the mass strong and flexible at the same time has a very good adhesion to both the tips and the natural plate Base One Glitter line is a medium-density, self-leveling UV […]